This Thursday, November 15th, is Give To The Max

Day! We ask you to consider donating to UpWorks for the annual event!

Give to the Max 2018

UpWorks is a vital link to solve the pressing needs of our community:

  • We aim to double our ability to serve individuals in the Empowering Adults Program.
  • We aim to serve over 1,500 students through special events and volunteer services in the Enriching Schools Program.
  • We aim to equip over 200 volunteers to serve our neighbors.
  • We aim to start 5 new partnerships with school districts in the Twin Cities.

Please join us in working toward thriving neighbors and communities. When you invest in UpWorks, together we will be developing individuals and strengthening communities.

We will be collecting donations through our Facebook Page and on the UpWorks website.

Donate Now

We appreciate your outstanding financial support!

Best Regards,
The UpWorks Team