Thank you to all who attended our first Upside Breakfast just one week ago!

We were touched by your kind words, meaningful connections, and generosity. UpWorks has been blessed with your support and because of your generosity we raised $30,000!

Thank you for your gifts that will go towards developing individuals and strengthening communities!

We would love to continue to connect with you further! You are welcome to contact us to learn more, volunteer, donate, or to connect us with like-minded potential partners!

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Upside Breakfast keynote speaker Ward Brehm

Keynote speaker, Ward Brehm, challenged us about generosity and how much God has blessed us. Check out Ward’s book, Bigger Than Me, as he stated, “just when I thought I had all the answers, God changed the questions”.

We were blessed with the discussions on Tov, the goodness of God. Even if you were not able to attend we are so thankful for your partnership and the seeds of goodness God has planted in your life. If you are interested in reading more about the meaning of Tov take a look at Tov: An Explosive Word an article from And Sons Magazine.

As we featured on our Facebook page, the beautiful Tov tree centerpieces were made by the artist, Therese Dart.

Therese shared, “You can make anything into a decent potion, at least I did. A tottelling Theresa mixed sand, twigs and rain water to make powerful concoctions. I’ve been making things, connections, solutions, and more things, ever since. This year, UpWorks asked me to make 25 wire trees. This project developed my understanding of when to innovate and find methods to avoid problems, and when to grab my gloves and work through the issues. I carefully balanced artistry and function to create these poised trees for UpWorks. When I get to make objects, they give me life just as much as I give them shape, and I’m excited to put more of myself into the world.”

Therese Dart's Tov Tree Centerpieces

To learn more about Theresa’s work, or to get in touch with her, visit her Pinterest page.

Upside Breakfast

To view photos from the Upside Breakfast visit the new album on our Facebook page.