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We have enjoyed a great period of expansion and now our focus is on developing to maturity!

ma·tur·ing – to bring to full development

Ministry depth is often a great sign of maturing. Our desire is to grow deep roots into each of our partnerships and we are seeing that begin to happen. Relationships take time and UpWorks Enriching Schools is all about relationships.

JumpStart 2 School Day

JumpStart 2 School Day

On August 20th, Enriching Schools enjoyed a fabulous JumpStart 2 School Day in Bloomington where we filled a role in working with volunteers and collaborated deeply with the team leading the ministry. We recruited church volunteers, helped organize their volunteer roles, and cared for them on the day of the event.

Next year, our involvement with the volunteer process will be increased. It takes time to develop the niche you can best serve in.

Love Your School Day – Elizabeth Hall Elementary School

Love Your School Day - Elizabeth Hall Elementary School

We have scheduled our first Love Your School Day at Elizabeth Hall Elementary School in North Minneapolis on September 28th. This event will bring volunteers from the Northside of Minneapolis together to beautify the Hall Campus and serve the school’s leadership by completing the tasks that will be helpful to blessing their students for the rest of the school year. We are seeing the details of this event come together and anticipate learning much that we will use at other locations as our ministry continues to mature.

If you are interested in volunteering at the event please email Nina Coleman at nina@upworks-staging.wa8vlg63-liquidwebsites.com or click ‘Be a Volunteer’ to scan the QR code to register!

Be a Volunteer

Enriching Schools has been in existence for a little over two years. We still have a lot to learn but that opens up the incredible opportunity to learn something new every day. Then, share what we learn with other schools and churches around the Twin Cities. We are blessed!

Please contact Ken Norman at ken@upworks-staging.wa8vlg63-liquidwebsites.com if you are interested in learning and maturing with us.


Ken Norman