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Message from Kevin Saunders, Empowering Adults Director

What’s In a Mindset Counts

Working with individuals who have overcome various obstacles has informed me on the “mindset to succeed.” When speaking about the mindset to succeed, I’m focused on that of a person who has the resolve to stare down the challenges of day-to-day existence and look beyond to a day of stability.

UpWorks recently had a long-term participant make a life changing breakthrough by gaining a sustainable wage paying job. The participant sought this type of employment for the past 20 years. His background prevented him from gaining that job. After years of perseverance, and commitment to himself, the break finally came. Upon asking, “what kept you moving forward?” He responded, “I had a mindset that no matter what happened things had to get better.” I suggest what’s in a mindset counts the most.

The People UpWorks’ Empowering Adults Serves

The people UpWorks’ Empowering Adults serves are deserving mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Simply put, they are all human beings that made some mistake that impacted their families and friends severely. The good news is, UpWorks’ Life Advocates (our volunteers) come beside these deserving individuals and speak truth and love into their lives. Walking alongside our participants as they discover God’s plan and purpose for their lives. UpWorks gets to first-hand watch individuals ignite in their dreams and begin racing to the stars. Not only are the people UpWorks’ Empowering Adults serves deserving, most importantly, they are champions!!

Changed My Point of View

Recently, one of our 100+ Life Advocates shared a story about how the participant had changed their perception on urban dwellers forever. The Life Advocate reported that although the participant was struggling to land housing and employment, he was deeply concerned about his children. This is a topic many get completely wrong. Urban fathers love their kids too, with genuine authenticity and deep love, just like the suburbanite or middle class dads. This impact to our Life Advocates is not rare, it’s really the norm. When we take time to actually see life from another person’s perspective it can be life changing!

Midwest Mentoring Collaborative Annual Conference

I will be one of the featured speakers talking about Overcoming the Bounds of Poverty this Thursday from 9:00AM-4:00PM. I encourage you to attend this FREE event! Lunch is included.

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Kevin Saunders
Empowering Adults Director