On-Track 4 Employment

Dear Friend,

We are very excited about this new year! We are preparing for an increase in our participant enrollment for On Track 4 Employment due to our connection with the Empowering Adults program. Through this collaboration we expect an improvement in our graduate rate from the year prior because of the screening process we have developed.

UpWorks Grads

In 2019, our third cohort had seven participants graduate. We were able to witness a total of 10 graduates for 2019. This final training was filled with amazing testimonies. One of our graduates, Doris, stated that our classes taught her how to address conflict. One of her family members agreed and testified on how they saw an immediate change from the moment she started attending our training. Doris’ testimony inspired one of her family members to inquire about our programing to become a participant.

Our next On-Track 4 Employment cohort is expected to start this year in late February or early March. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us by walking alongside a participant as a Life Advocate or through referring businesses, non-profits or potential participants to our programs.

Stacey Jones