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The Enriching Schools program connects schools with local churches and community partners. Through these strong community relationships, the school is empowered to make their distinct vision a reality. Enriching Schools provides tangible opportunities for caring adults to serve with their local school. This network of support moves the entire community toward the common goal of establishing stronger schools, stronger families, and a stronger community, one student at a time.

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“I am so thankful for your work. You listened to our needs and coordinated the partnership with some amazing church partners. I believe in team work, and definitively this has been the case here. Everybody has taken an important role, and the results are gratifying. I believe the numbers of volunteers are going to increase next year, and our students are going to grow immensely both academically and socially. I want to express my gratitude to UpWorks, for having people like you serving others. It has been a great experience”.

Vianny Rodriguez

Washburn Elementary School

“My Breakfast Buddy has always been talkative. But it was gratifying to notice the nature of our conversations changing as time went on and greater trust was developed. My Breakfast Buddy moved beyond conversation about his favorite video game or TV show and began talking about important events in his life, and hopes and dreams for his future, and about how he’s getting along with his classmates. I’d invite everyone to consider if being a Breakfast Buddy would be a good fit for you. As I reminded my Breakfast Buddy that this was the last week of school, which also means the last week of Breakfast Buddies until next year, he excitedly asked with his contagious smile, “Will you be my Breakfast Buddy again next year?” to which I answered, “Well, I plan to!” How could I not? Come to find out, I’ve grown a lot, too, since those first few nervous days. Now I’m truly looking forward to it”.

Rev. Carol Zaagsma

Breakfast Buddy Volunteer


SCHOOLS benefit from empowering volunteer support

STUDENTS benefit from caring adult relationships

CHURCHES benefit from ministering in their neighborhood

YOU benefit from service with a purpose

WE ALL benefit from our communities being strengthened

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