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Committed and highly motivated individuals who have overcome various life challenges partner with UpWorks’ coaches (know as Life Advocates) to create and execute goals for employment and/or higher education. Utilizing a self-discovery tool as a starting point, our participants are encouraged to dream towards their future. During a focused 12-week engagement, meeting 1 hour per week, those who have completed the Empowering Adults program dramatically increase success in attaining sustainable employment and/or higher education goals. UpWorks partners with faith communities, businesses, and nonprofits to provide strong support throughout the process.

“I thought addiction destroyed my chances at pursuing my call to ministry. However, my Life Advocates spoke life into me and reminded me that God has not given up on me. Now I am finishing His ministry training and pursuing my call to ministry. I am rediscovering the plan God has for my life and I recently became a Life Advocate so I can pay it forward!”


Empowering Adults Program Graduate

“I was raised in a dysfunctional family environment where I was introduced to drugs and alcohol at the age of 12. I carried this addiction through my adolescent and early adulthood years causing legal trouble. I entered UpWorks two months before graduating from Minnesota Adult and Team Challenge. During my journey with the UpWorks Life Advocates, I completed my self-discovery and determined that I had a passion for warehouse logistics and electrical work. I landed a job as a forklift operator starting over $15 per hour. In three short months, I have been promoted. My employer is sending me to Electrician Training School (tuition paid) and plans to move me up in the company. I am so excited about the bright prospects of my future”.


Empowering Adults Program Graduate

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